choose jane choose

Decisions. They’re paralyzing. In the course of a day, there’s no end to the decisions that are made: what to wear, how to do my hair; what to make for dinner; do the kids have rides to practice, what am I doing with my life- you get the idea.

It seems that, in looking back, I have spent countless hours agonizing over decisions. I spent over a year once trying to find ‘just the right’ coffee pot. yes, coffee pot. Luckily, my friend was moving to a new home where her current pot wouldn’t fit, so she offered it to me. I’m happy to report that I am still using that same coffee pot, the one I didn’t have to choose. It chose me!

Since May, I have been taking a course in Mindfulness Fundamentals. What has been learned from the course is far more than what I anticipated. If anything, I have learned to stop. Be still. Listen. Feel. Think. Then, if still necessary, proceed.  This works with anything from what to wear to where to work. Wait. Does this mean that all decisions can be as providential as the coffee pot? What if it does. What does that mean about the power that I have given decisions? Does it mean that all this time my decisions have been “reactions” rather than “pathways to progress?” Probably. And all that time wasted. Don’t even get me started.

Decisions don’t have to be debilitating. They can come from a place of peace and love. They can be freeing. Decisions can allow us to “live the life unexpected in common hours.” Decisions can help us dig deep. Consider how our physical, emotional and spiritual selves are responding while considering the decision. It’s time to rethink how I think, and it’s time to let go. Life is too short to be paralyzed by a brain pathway. It’s time to be faithful to the stirrings of my heart, the feelings in my ‘gut’ and the calm, rational mind that can prevail.